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amazon com new avengers volume 2 infinity marvel now - at the end of 2013 i went back and read the entire brian michael bendis run on avengers which included new avengers mighty avengers dark avengers illuminati and several cross over books, new avengers volume 1 everything dies marvel now new - the illuminati must reassemble to prevent the collision of our universe with another it s the marvel universe s most powerful and brilliant team black panther iron man dr strange black bolt mr fantastic sub mariner and the beast armed with the six infinity gems against an infinite legion of parallel realities, the new avengers comics wikipedia - the new avengers is a fictional team of superheroes appearing in american comic books published by marvel comics the title has been used for four american comic book series the first two were written by brian michael bendis and depicted a version of marvel s premiere superhero team the avengers the third was written by jonathan hickman and depicted a group of characters called the illuminati