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what every prepper should know about shipping containers - a very good article it points out the fallacy of trying to bury a container without some serious planning we have been able to pickup a 20 ft container with a large loader, mrs owen s beginning prepper guide for women looking to - mrs owen s beginning prepper guide for women looking to the future with joy mrs owen s prepper guides for women book 1 kindle edition by katie owen download it once and read it on your kindle device pc phones or tablets, the approaching day prepper preparing for the - we won an award we ve been selected as one of the happy to survive top 250 prepper websites they like us we hope you do too, survival cooking 20 recipes and cooking tips for beginner - survival cooking 20 recipes and cooking tips for beginner prepper welcome to recipe and recipe tip guide book designed to help you in all the various situations you might find yourself in, 7 actions to take immediately following an emp strike - i read many prepper articles each day and this actually is a very good read i have many items in my faraday cage which i made from metal filing cabinets and grounded them, far cry 5 prepper stash locations solutions - 5 dumpster diving next to where you read the note is a ladder climb up then jump over to the containers can shoot a red barrel to blow up the rubble, grow food all year long recycled patio door greenhouse - from doors to windows next the 2 4 studs went up followed by rafters darren put on the tin roof while i painted the interior walls glacier white snow blinding bright, how we set up our outdoor shed the prepper journal - editors note a guest contribution from kate and zac to the prepper journal as always if you have information for preppers that you would like to share and possibly receive a 25 cash award as well as be entered into the prepper writing contest with a chance to win one of three amazon gift cards with the, us nuclear target map ask a prepper - 1 when your electronics stop working most of them cars phones the grid most experts agree that the next nuclear war will start with at least an emp if one of the nuclear powers blasts a nuclear weapon 275 miles above the us it will produce an emp that will basically send us the, home security tips from an ex burglar ask a prepper - here is the confession of a burglar i spent a year and a half in prison after being convicted of multiple residential burglaries i was caught after a mailman called 911 after seeing me go through a window